Level Psychologie / 19 november 2018

Imagine you are in a football stadium. You are sitting in the dressing room. You stand up, walk through the doors, down the corridor, towards the field. It appears before you from the dark. Sunlight enters your eyes as you walk onto the field. A wide open space stretches before you. You walk onto the field without looking up, sharply focused on the middle of the field. And there it is, shining brightly in the perfectly cut grass: the centre mark. Suddenly you are there, on the mark. You are in the middle of the field. Now, look around you. You can see the field, the terraces and stands, all of this as from the small turning radius of your feet. You are the centre. Suddenly you are sitting on the stand. You are looking out over the field, to the centre mark. You can see yourself standing there, on that mark. You start to form an opinion of this view. Your posture is so odd, with your arms in the air. You are so tiny, and why are you standing there? Suddenly, the field starts to rapidly fill with people. Players approach from all sides, running back and forth, forming groups. You see colours emerge. It gets busier and busier on the field. You get distracted by running people, by spats between players, by the wise men on the sideline, and by someone sitting on the opposite stand, who shakes their head in disappointment and repeats over and over again that this is no good. You study this person in more detail, and suddenly find that you have become them. Now, from the other side, you immerse yourself again in the events on the field. Through the chaos of the crowd, the centre mark is now barely visible. Now imagine that the football field is your life, and the centre mark is the heart of the present. Where are you right now? Are you on that centre mark, looking at life from the present moment, or are you sitting on the stands, forming an opinion of this view? You could view the stands of your football field as the opinions, assumptions and conclusions you draw about your centre mark, the self in the present. The field then fills itself with one-sided thoughts from just one perspective, the one that you have from the stands. This chaos creates a certain weight, which is coloured by the clustering of your thoughts. This weight then transforms into an emotion. You are distracted by the commotion on the field. The centre mark, representing the centre of your being, has been forgotten. Now return to that centre mark, the centre of your being in the present. Stand among the commotion between the players, beyond the colours that populate this part of the field. What is it like there? Guide your attention to being in the present, the here and now. Can you still form opinions and judgements? Focus your attention on what you actually feel. When you stop allowing judgement and thought to emerge, and focus all your attention inside to the centre if your emotions, what do you actually feel? Imagine emotion is like friction, or as a few physical sensations that are aroused simultaneously. Is it truly that awful to experience these feelings? Is it the physical sensations, or your experience of these physical sensations that bother you? The thoughts that keep popping up, alongside the assumptions, judgements and conclusions of wrong or right might be distracting you. But imagine, if you can guide your awareness to just your physical sensations, what would your next step be? You are standing on the centre mark, and from the small turning radius of your feet you can see the entire field of your life around you. This is what we call micro-consciousness. Micro-consciousness is the awareness of what you are experiencing right here, right now in the present moment, and what action you choose to take from your centre mark. What step could you take that would land you back sitting on the stands? How aware are you of this step? It is easy to get lost in the chaos of your field, the chaos of everyday life, and to stray away from what actually matters and towards things that do not matter in the here and now. When this happens you lose the connection with the centre of your being and the connection with yourself. Your head and your heart are separated. You have become unlinked from your centre, your mark. But, even among the chaos, your centre mark is actually just one step away from your attention. Micro-consciousness is the constant observation of your

movements and actions away from the here and now, away from yourself, and what steps you can take to reconnect to yourself.

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